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Thank you!

Thank you so much for the sweet words.  For kids at birthday parties I twist the basic balloons like a dog, cat, teddy bear, butterfly, and dragon.  I usually make whatever they request, but at times I have to say there's too short of time for me to make their detail request.  I do make a very special detailed balloon for the birthday child.  This balloon could go with the them of the party.  I make this balloon before the party because they take longer to make.  The balloons I have displayed are good for kids of all ages and most of them are the special balloon requested for the birthday child.  I can either make a balloon delivery or if you request a fun show with puppets, magic, balloon twisting, &/or face painting that could be booked as well.

I have made a number of special balloons delivered for that special someone, and even on Valentines Day I delivered a big beautiful arrangement of balloon roses with a teddy bear holding on to them.

Other flower arrangements have also been delivered to some sweethearts and each one brightened their day.

It doesn't matter what age that person is, as soon as they see it they will be in awe.

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